Monday, June 18, 2018

The Profits of Implementing DevOps - Eclature

In today’s digital world, consolidation and agility are synonymous with effectiveness, and that’s what DevOps is all about. Instead of having divide groups of people that handle product management, software development, and operations, you join them all together to create one powerful and agile team. This speeds up the process of software and application development and puts you ahead of the competition.
At Eclature, we want to help your business or organization begin its DevOps journey and provide support along the way. Our ability in DevOps and our partnership with the project software company set us apart from the competition.
From advisory through performance and management, we can help you come up with a exclusive DevOps blueprint that is fitting for your business and industry and help you unite it into your daily practices. The result is a quick, updated development and operations knowledge that leads to more imagination and innovation and the best possible products and services for your customers.
The profits of Implementing DevOps Best Practices:
The profits of turning your business into a DevOps organization are basically unlimited, but the most important reason why most companies opt to make the switch is improved speed. The software and applications your company develops will hit the market at record speed, which means more revenue and happier customers. Once DevOps is fully executed, you can release small and release often, a model that is favorable with most customers.
The quality of your products will improve as well. When your team work together instead of building an application with no human communication, you’ll find that creativity and innovation abound. Members can build on each other’s feedback and expertise to create the best possible product. Quick access to user feedback will also help you make improvements or detect flaws earlier in the process. 
Once you have fully employed a DevOps team, ongoing development, management, and support is key to successful improvement, but most companies do not have the internal knowledge. luckyly, we have the professionals to offer these services and more. If you take advantage of our DevOps support, your organization will have access to:
  1. Ongoing support and maintenance for automation 
  2. The right technology and provisions for your infrastructure and environment
  3. Continuous integration, delivery, and operations support
  4. DevOps tools maintenance
  5. Code inspection and reporting
  6. Automation, data management, and execution testing
  7. Orchestration and release plans for delivery pipelines
  8. Configuration management
  9. Monitoring and alerts

Thursday, June 7, 2018

How Big Data can help you? - Eclature

Eclature is one of the best Big Data Companies in the world. We provide Big Data Services from our UK and Hyderabad offices. As a digital solution providerBig data is one of our key strengths. Our Big data solution team is able to implement big data based analytics. We are experienced in the key technologies of big data stack including Hadoop, Spark and Tableau etc.
Why Big Data?
  • By exponential growth of data via internet, traditional way of Making Decisions are no more effective
  • Social Media – There is an increased trend of customers expressing their needs, refer social blogs before making decision
  • The variety of sources we get data is improved along with non consistency of data which is making difficult to keep and process by traditional sources
How Big Data can help you? 
  • Big Data will help you to understand your customers, social behaviours, interests better
  • Big Data will help you to fine tune your sales & marketing activities towards your target audience
  • Big Data will help you to arrive decisions based on data rather than assumptions
  • Big Data will be able to enhance the capabilities of current applications by integrating decision points
  • Big Data can reduce overall IT cost 
Big Data key Technology considerations
Hadoop – Apache hadoop is framework capable of processing large set of data. It allows processing data in distributed environments across cluster of computers. Eclature have internal team of developers and technical designers experienced in HadoopEclature consider Hadoop as integral component of Big Data implementation.
Spark – Apache spark analytics is another data processing engine which also brings real time data capability. Spark brings key functionalities- Advances and increase speed data query, Machine Language capabilities, presentation layer with graph capabilities and real time data streaming capabilities.
Cloud providers – As big data absolutely need high processing capabilities and data storage. As a huge blessing there are many reliable loud providers. Choosing a right big data cloud provider is a key decision to make during the big data strategy development.
Big Data is going to be a key business tool for future. Companies who able to execute a reliable and business focused big data solution is going to take early benefit. Please email us to to know more about Big Data solutions and to implement a big data solution for your company.

The Profits of Implementing DevOps - Eclature

In today’s digital world, consolidation and agility are synonymous with effectiveness, and that’s what DevOps is all about. Instead of hav...