Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Become an AI-First Business with Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

According to a recent survey conducted by a prominent IT institution, it was found that a staggering 84% of companies are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate overall performance, many in business functions that goes beyond IT. In the year 2015, a Global Trend Study was conducted on Artificial Intelligence and the key findings of that survey showed that industries such as insurance, consumer packaged goods, and high-tech are outspending each other on AI, meaning industries are making big AI investments because they clearly see them as vital to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Therefore, in today’s digital world, AI along with Big Data, Machine Learning (ML), advanced Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and Cloud computing – powerful technologies for the future – play a key role in transforming business operations that create new business models, revenue streams, and unleash process improvements. Underpinned by technologies such as these, organizations around the world are getting newly enabled to deliver more value across the customers’ journey.

To fully seize future opportunities and succeed in the tech-enabled future, companies are unlocking opportunities along the technology value chain that’s helping to automate mundane tasks, improve productivity, predict and resolve probable issues, recognize risk, and in quicker detection of fraud.


From virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa to self-driven vehicles, AI is progressing rapidly and defining the global IT world. In a ‘default by digital' world, organizations are modernizing their old applications infrastructure to build AI-driven smart businesses that can improve customer experiences, augment workforce and automate repetitive processes.

Companies want to achieve more and, therefore, are seeking to address real-world business problems with the help of intelligent systems that can see, listen, comprehend and learn. That’s why with human-centered artificial intelligence, you can solve nearly all your business problems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already playing a key role in a variety of industries like healthcare, agriculture, telecommunications, home automation, personal care, including in manufacturing, banking & financial services and transportation services. Along with technological advancements like Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the influence of AI is drastically growing. The influence of AI is drastically growing as it holds the power to redefine the current work environment in IT enterprises. With AI getting more mature and as people adapt to the demands of a new technology revolution, IT enterprises – be it a startup or large enterprise – want to shift knowledge and people towards value creation in competition with process management.

While organizations are clearly recognizing the operational and economic benefits of AI, they are also encountering a number of challenges. Organizations realized that while enabling AI is not just a plug and play proposition, it involves investing significant amounts of time, resources, and capital to adequately go on board a truly transformational AI implementation journey. In spite of that proverbial “silver lining” to AI implementation, the value associated with incorporating artificial intelligence into your business processes is immense because leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics can lead to massive productivity gains for your enterprise while cutting operational costs and that’s exactly what the enterprises want.


AI is primarily a complicated fusion of computer science, mathematical algorithms and other complex sciences that facilitate machines to act with a degree of autonomy. This bleeding-edge technology is pushing the boundaries of machine-enabled functionalities, resulting in providing fullest benefit to the customers. With the advantage of minimized infrastructure and labour cost, AI can help you achieve high-accuracy; it can help you build cost-effective and highly-scalable AI-powered digital products and solutions.

As the industry sectors turn compulsively to adopt a digital strategy, let’s look at some of the benefits that AI can provide through AI-enabled digitalization:

  • AI to Boost Sales: Imagine if you had a technology that could understand all your emails, telephonic conversations and calendar interactions with your clients, your sales process would be a lot smarter than what it currently is. This is where AI comes into the picture, it helps you focus on closing deals, automatically builds and monitors your pipeline instead of wasting or devoting time on a lot of mundane tasks. AI-powered solutions can make it a reality for your business processes to dramatically improve their accuracy in sales capabilities and turn leads into customers.
  • AI-Enabled Enterprise Strategy: A robust AI-driven strategy is the first step towards improved business productivity across the enterprise. The AI-driven analytics can generate data, interpret it to derive smarter insights and help in making smarter business decisions.
  • Intelligent Process Transformation: With AI, you can spot new patterns and trends across multiple datasets that were previously impossible to detect, make predictions that can transform business economics and reimagine customer journeys that respond faster than your competitors. The potential of its implementation is unlimited. Intelligent business processes can transform business models to improve customer journeys/ experience, enabling more accurate forecasting to prevent lost sales and increase profit margins that also means productivity growing on an upward scale.
  • Intelligent Products and Solutions: By combining the realms of AI, cognitive computing, advanced data analytics, automation, and RPA, you can succeed in the new business process era, skirting the competition. By implementing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, drive incremental change and witness top-line growth. AI-powered systems let you predict user behavior and deliver accurate services and trustworthy products as per their need.
  • AI for Advanced Marketing Solutions: For making better and even bigger marketing campaigns, the Big Data trend provides companies with the necessary insights, with advanced analytics that statistically creates a 360-degree customer view and gives a clear understanding of the complete picture, trends, and dependencies. Organizations stand to gain hugely from the AI-powered intelligence that provides advanced marketing solutions built on AI. AI can help you to understand customers at every level in real-time, apart from providing the benefits of marketing automation across apps and websites.
  • AI for Customer Services: What do you do if you want to identify unsatisfied customers? What would you do if you wish to avoid those customers from existing? The answer is simple: adopt AI. AI solution can help you locate, identify, search, highlight – all of that to help you provide better service to your customers. With AI service providers, you can search sentiments and correlations, find flaws in the customer data so that you can quickly identify such unsatisfied customers based on the data you have and rectify the issue/problem by personalizing the customer services.
Artificial Intelligence-infused systems can change the entire business perspective by transforming your businesses. AI services & solutions are powerful and reliable for almost all industries to enable faster decision-making, reduce error by making menial or tedious tasks go extinct, provide cognitive assistance, avoid risk exposure to humans, and cut down operational or business operating costs drastically. That’s the beauty of AI.


Before we delineate some of the most important questions that organizations from various industry sectors are facing and looking to address the problem in their quest to adapt AI into their businesses, here’s a quick look at the research data that forecasts the worldwide market for AI services and solutions.
According to Tractica, a market intelligence organization that mainly focuses on human interaction with technology, the worldwide market for Artificial Intelligence professional services and solutions will surge ahead from $10.1 billion in 2017 to $188.3 billion by 2025. Some of the key service categories will include scoping & architecture design, customization, support and maintenance, application integration, training & support, and installation or implementation services.
  • What kind of AI services will you require if you are launching a full, enterprise-grade AI solution?
  • How are AI services delivered by vendors and consultants?
  • What are the services fees, compared with software expenditures, in each industry?
  • In an AI implementation, what factors will impact the cost of services?
  • In which areas of the world will AI services be required for each industry sector?


As more and more businesses seek to adopt AI-related technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving beyond the hype cycle. AI has already started to revolutionize business processes around the world. Organizations worldwide have begun to focus on prioritizing their functional areas and use cases by tapping into vast stores of previously siloed structured and unstructured data. By placing a stronger emphasis on topline growth, they are well-abreast with the knowledge that AI can fundamentally transform their business and disrupt the industry they operate in.

As a matter of fact, organizations are beginning to implement a data-first strategy, define value drivers, approach strategic imperatives, build foundational capabilities and improve access to talent or skills of their knowledge workers. To achieve tangible business insights faster as well as how their efforts could drive exponential competitive advantage, organizations are integrating with other advanced technologies, such as IoT and Intelligent Automation to help come through their enterprise AI transformation journey.


AI is pushing the boundaries of machine-enabled functionalities across the front, middle, and back–office processes. AI enables the execution of hitherto complex tasks and therefore is being deployed across industries and some of them are mentioned below:

·   Natural Language Processing:
AI easily communicates with the computer systems that understand human-used natural language.
·    Speech Recognition:
AI understands human speech and talks to them to humans as well as using the human language. Not only that, AI can even understand the slang used by us, background noise, comprehend the accent, etc.
·    Handwriting Recognition:
AI’s handwriting-recognition (HWR) capability is nothing short of phenomenal. The AI-powered software system can transcribe text contained in scanned images into digital text; it can even read text written by pen or stylus on paper or screen and convert it into editable text.
·     Intelligent Robots:
Artificial Intelligence Robotics can do multiple tasks within no time. Arguably, AI is the most exciting field in robotics. According to the algorithms developed, robots can learn and/or perform intelligent behavior with minimal human intervention, though robots cannot be alternate to humans.
·     Expert Systems:
Expert systems are primarily computer programs, designed to solve complex problems. It can emulate the decision-making ability of a human expert by giving clarification and exhortation to its users.
·     Vision Systems:
These type of systems can learn, distinguish between objects and even recognize them. AI computer visions systems are increasingly powerful and capable, meaning these systems can understand, interpret and figures out visual input on your computer.
·     Gaming:
Games have always been a perfect test-bed for the application of Artificial Intelligence to have application in the real world. In fact, Game AI is almost as old as AI itself as the AI technology owes much to the video gaming world. It plays an important role in devising games such as chess, tic tac toe and an endless list of other such games. Based on heuristic knowledge, the machine thinks up multiple possible steps.


As per a leading market research association Research and Markets’ latest report titled “Global Forecast to 2020” on Artificial Intelligence market, the growth of AI market is pegged at USD 5.05 Billion by 2020, rising from USD 419.7 Million in the year 2014, at a CAGR of 53.65% from 2015 to 2020.

One way or the other, the future of AI will change everything about life. Even though, we know that the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our life is mostly confined to executing narrow tasks but the kind of influence it has on various things is immense, which is to say, the influence of AI is drastically growing in every sphere of our life. Today, AI doesn’t have the versatile, adaptable intelligence that people display, but it is quite evident that the impact of AI is definitely developing and will soon become an everyday activity.

In conclusion, AI holds the key to redefine the current work environment in IT enterprises around the world. As the labour force or the staff of companies adapt to the demands of new technological innovation/revolution and with AI getting more mature, it will only encourage economic prosperity. To tap this ever-burgeoning future of artificial intelligence, technology companies in India and abroad have started to provide AI-first Enterprise Artificial Intelligence platform as a solution or as a service (AIaaS).

AI holds the power to redefine the way we work and across multiple industries, AI professionals are extremely excited about the ever-burgeoning future of artificial intelligence that will most certainly redefine the whole business ecosystem.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Business Analytics Services - Eclature

Today companies are always looking to better manage their business, whether it is the day-to-day operations or strategic growth. Companies can make tactical business decisions if they have correct information and perceptive data. If you upgrade your company’s data records, you can generate meaningful reports, spot trends, and make the right decisions for greater business benefits.

Business Analytics deals with two difficult parts of managing data and using it for making operational and business results. It has been observed widely that companies use business analytics to stay ahead of opposition. Eclature Technologies, who are skilled with Business Analytics experts, can help you reach greater power to make tactical business decisions and stay ahead of opposition. Our proficient’s will help you do the following:
  • Develop strategies for a full range of data-related services, from discussion to installation and renovate.
  • Enhance your data sanctuary
  • Plan for how your company’s growth will involve your data capability
  • Prepare and normalize your data so that it’s easy to use
  • Create new ways to maximize your data’s possible, and give you the tools to make better choices for your company
Data Visualization and Analysis Services:
Our BA consultants provide the following services:

Graphical demonstration of the information that can be simply grasped. We use interactive techniques for customizable visuals ad styles. Other aspects include easy-to-use dashboards, scorecards, reports, graphs, trends, forecasts and business analytics portals.
Data Warehousing Services:
After reviewing your business need and evaluating your obtainable process our business analytics specialists will propose solutions for your current and future necessities.
Data Management Services:
Our advisors will help you manage your huge quantities of data; execute data profiling, superiority and data security. .
Our team of consultants will provide the additional strategy planning and project management services to turn your IT project into a full-fledged business analytics project.
Business Intelligence Support Services:
Our expertise in BA support and maintenance services will keep your current BI environment up-to-date, providing continuous development and data consumption. Also, our team of specialists in database and tools administration will guarantee that your database continues to function smoothly.
Contact our experts to find out how we can help you use compound data and you refine it into precious information for your business.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Profits of Implementing DevOps - Eclature

In today’s digital world, consolidation and agility are synonymous with effectiveness, and that’s what DevOps is all about. Instead of having divide groups of people that handle product management, software development, and operations, you join them all together to create one powerful and agile team. This speeds up the process of software and application development and puts you ahead of the competition.
At Eclature, we want to help your business or organization begin its DevOps journey and provide support along the way. Our ability in DevOps and our partnership with the project software company set us apart from the competition.
From advisory through performance and management, we can help you come up with a exclusive DevOps blueprint that is fitting for your business and industry and help you unite it into your daily practices. The result is a quick, updated development and operations knowledge that leads to more imagination and innovation and the best possible products and services for your customers.
The profits of Implementing DevOps Best Practices:
The profits of turning your business into a DevOps organization are basically unlimited, but the most important reason why most companies opt to make the switch is improved speed. The software and applications your company develops will hit the market at record speed, which means more revenue and happier customers. Once DevOps is fully executed, you can release small and release often, a model that is favorable with most customers.
The quality of your products will improve as well. When your team work together instead of building an application with no human communication, you’ll find that creativity and innovation abound. Members can build on each other’s feedback and expertise to create the best possible product. Quick access to user feedback will also help you make improvements or detect flaws earlier in the process. 
Once you have fully employed a DevOps team, ongoing development, management, and support is key to successful improvement, but most companies do not have the internal knowledge. Luckily, we have the professionals to offer these services and more. If you take advantage of our DevOps support, your organization will have access to:
  1. Ongoing support and maintenance for automation 
  2. The right technology and provisions for your infrastructure and environment
  3. Continuous integration, delivery, and operations support
  4. Code inspection and reporting
  5. Automation, data management, and execution testing
  6. Orchestration and release plans for delivery pipelines
  7. Configuration management
  8. Monitoring and alerts

Thursday, June 7, 2018

How Big Data can help you? - Eclature

Eclature is one of the best Big Data Companies in the world. We provide Big Data Services from our UK and Hyderabad offices. As a digital solution providerBig data is one of our key strengths. Our Big data solution team is able to implement big data based analytics. We are experienced in the key technologies of big data stack including Hadoop, Spark and Tableau etc.
Why Big Data?
  • By exponential growth of data via internet, traditional way of Making Decisions are no more effective
  • Social Media – There is an increased trend of customers expressing their needs, refer social blogs before making decision
  • The variety of sources we get data is improved along with non consistency of data which is making difficult to keep and process by traditional sources
How Big Data can help you? 
  • Big Data will help you to understand your customers, social behaviours, interests better
  • Big Data will help you to fine tune your sales & marketing activities towards your target audience
  • Big Data will help you to arrive decisions based on data rather than assumptions
  • Big Data will be able to enhance the capabilities of current applications by integrating decision points
  • Big Data can reduce overall IT cost 
Big Data key Technology considerations
Hadoop – Apache hadoop is framework capable of processing large set of data. It allows processing data in distributed environments across cluster of computers. Eclature have internal team of developers and technical designers experienced in HadoopEclature consider Hadoop as integral component of Big Data implementation.
Spark – Apache spark analytics is another data processing engine which also brings real time data capability. Spark brings key functionalities- Advances and increase speed data query, Machine Language capabilities, presentation layer with graph capabilities and real time data streaming capabilities.
Cloud providers – As big data absolutely need high processing capabilities and data storage. As a huge blessing there are many reliable loud providers. Choosing a right big data cloud provider is a key decision to make during the big data strategy development.
Big Data is going to be a key business tool for future. Companies who able to execute a reliable and business focused big data solution is going to take early benefit. Please email us to to know more about Big Data solutions and to implement a big data solution for your company.

Become an AI-First Business with Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

According to a recent survey conducted by a prominent IT institution, it was found that a staggering 84% of companies are using Artificia...